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Dances with Sloughis

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How to win against all odds- Aswad, Sloughi of the year 1994
by Dr. Bernd Fritzsch (1994)

 Flying with a Sloughi, or how a puppy wins the affection of everyone
by Dr. B. Fritzsch (1994)

The elegant, the powerful and the beautiful
a Sloughi's perspective of the World Dog Show 1997 in Puerto Rico

The 1997 International Invitational from a Sloughia's eye

 The Skunk, or the nightmare before the show
by Dr. Bernd Fritzsch

 Algerian Sloughis in the USA
by Dr. Bernd Fritzsch (2010)

Flying with a Sloughi II, V'Hadiyyah's journey   NEW
by Dr. Bernd Fritzsch (2011)

Flying with a Sloughi III, V'Fa'Iz ' journey   NEW 
 by Dr. Bernd Fritzsch (2012)

Flying with a Sloughi IV, V'Hiba's journey       NEW

 Sloughi & Other Breeds

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