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Looks versus Geographic, Cultural and Genetic uniqueness
Why are dogs like this Saluki, crossbred to Sloughias in the 1980s, still a problem today in the Western Sloughi breeding?
The History of the most famous Saluki in the French Société Centrale Canine (affiliated with FCI) Sloughi Registry.
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Descendants of this Saudi Arabian Saluki and Syrian Saluki Jenna in North Africa here

The Scam of Laba'an II al Khalij's registration in the Swiss Stud Book

Dog, born October 1977 in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Owned by Hans-Peter Oechslin, Switzerland
bred by Dr. John Burchard in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Within the Fédération Cynologique Internationale's system Saudi Arabia is not a country of origin of the Sloughi
Saudi Arabia belongs to the Middle-East and is a country of origin of the Saluki

The pedigree pretending Laba'an II al Khalij is a Sloughi, put together by his breeder Dr. John Burchard
Mutter= Mother ("Jet"), Vater = Father ("Dasman")

Excerpt of a letter from Dr John Burchard to Mr.P.U.Weber (1980) in which John Burchard confirms that he is a Saluki breeder

Dear Mr.Weber,
My name became maybe known to you through Mr. Eutermoser, from whom I got your address.
I am a zoologist and falconer and I have worked for the past 10 years in Saudi Arabia.
There, I often had the opportunity to hunt with Salukis of Beduin breeding, 
and since about 1973, I have been breeding further myself on this foundation.
The foundation dogs of the Shiefereger Saluki breeding came either from me or were obtained through me from Saudi Arabia.
Also when I last came back in April of this year, I brought 4 imports with me

Page 3 of that letter
Here Dr.John Burchard describes some of the Salukis of his breeding and states that Laba'an II al Khalij had a heavily feathered sister Thabya II

Laba'an, dog, black and tan, short haired with thin, just barely hinted feathering on tail and ears (genetically longhaired) 
(= sire of Jet, Laba'an II al Khalij's mother)
Thabya, bitch, red fawn, short haired (= dam of Jet, Laba'an II al Khalij's mother)
Laba'an II, dog, back and tan, short haired, by Dasman out of Jet
Thabya II, bitch, red fawn, with heavy black mottled feathering on tail and ears, by Dasman out of Jet, litter sister of Laba'an II.

Handwritten note at the bottom (not written by Dr.J.Burchard): After Laba'an II was excluded from further breeding, he went to France to Mrs Rey, 
who resumed breeding Sloughis with him

Description of the Breeding of Laba'an II al Khalij with the Saluki bitch Lofah
John Burchard's signature at the end of this 5 pages long letter

Conclusion: How can, according to his breeder, the same dog be a Saluki in 1980 and a Sloughi in 1981 ?

Laba'an II  and his sister Thabya II were registered in the Swiss Studbook, 
Laba'an II al Khalij as Sloughi, Thabya II as Saluki
2 different breeds within the Fédération Cynologique Internationale's system
Same date of birth October 1977, same parents  Sire: Dasman, Dam: Jet

Details of the Studbook above, registration as Sloughi of Laba'an II al Khalij

Under Saluki, registration of his feathered sister Thabya II

When this was discovered both dogs were excluded by the Swiss Kennel Club from the Swiss Studbook, and prohibited from breeding.
However the decision by the Swiss Kennel Club, a Club affiliated with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), 
to ban these 2 dogs from breeding was not followed by another club affiliated with the FCI, the Société Centrale Canine in France

Laba'an II al Khalij bred 3 Sloughias in the kennel of Mrs.Rey in France (Montouchet de la Horde d'Or)
The puppies of these litters with 50% Saluki blood were registered as Sloughis.

Laba'an II al Khalij also bred a Salukia named Loofah in 1980
and an Azawakh named Safo Garro in 1983, after the official recognition of the Azawakh by the FCI in 1981

Two puppies with Safo bred by S.Leimbacher and H.P.Oechslin were registered as coming from Saudi Arabia. 
This false claim that the 2 dogs had been imported when in fact they had been bred in Switzerland by 
 Mrs S. Leimbacher and H.P.Oechslin, married at the time, resulted in the exclusion of these 2 mixbreeds from the Swiss Stubook.
Their breeders were also eventually expelled from the Swiss Kennel Club.

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