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Breeding by Mr. M. Soujaa of his Sloughia Dakhla with Badr Elakhdar Siham Sahara, pedigree of Badr here
Smooth Afghan L'Karla Diane and Salukis Laba'An II al Khalij and Jenna (11.72 % together) higher up on the sire's side of the pedigree, see here
Breeder Mariana Raposo (France)

Breeding by Dr. Yassine Jamali with Bersheba Wakoor, Inbreeding percentage of 23.22% on Saluki Laba'han II al Khalij and Jenna see here
Breeder Dieter Grams (Switzerland)
Owners: Mr. and Mrs Cadosh (France)

2010 Exports to Morocco and Tunisia
Siham Sahara Esma, Essarha, Ekssir (Tunisia) and Elakhdar (Morocco)
Breeder Mariana Raposo (France)
Test pedigree between the mother and a brother of the sire  here~ (not all dogs of the Siham Sahara C litter are on pawpeds)
Saluki Laba'An II al Khalij and Afghan Hound L'Karla Diane in the pedigrees several times.
One male of this litter is owned by prolific breeders Mr.Chedli and Mr. Mohamed Nabli in Hammamet, Tunisia
Dogs of a Siham Sahara first litter in 2006 were also exported from Andalusia to Saudi Arabia.

September 2010

Siham Sahara imports a bitch "Fellouja" from a breeding done by Mr. M. Soujaa with Chaouen Beni-Mellal Siham Sahara out of his brindle Sloughia 
Chaouen Beni-Mellal Siham Sahara has both several times the Saluki Laba'An II al Khalij in his pedigree and the smooth Afghan L'Karla Diane
Pedigree of Chaouen's litter  here 

2009 Export to Morocco
Ben Bahram Sarb-Lahman, male born in France in 2009, to the region of Meknes. Although this French breeder has removed all information regarding his breeding from his website to, as he puts it, "avoid Politics", the last pedigrees of his dogs show inbreeding on the Saluki Laba'An II al Khalij.
Breeder Bernard Lignon (France)
For an example click here

2008 living and breeding in Tunisia
Magistere Vajra and Magistere Vahly, 2 brothers born in France in 2004. These 2 males have the Saluki Laba'An II al Khalij several times in their pedigrees. These dogs' pedigrees can be seen here and here
Breeder Gervais Cazin (France)
Owner Patricia Pichon/Neji
More details about Saluki Laba'An II al Khalij and Afghan hound L'Karla Diane here
These two males have bred with Sloughis bitches at the kennel of prolific breeders Mr. Chedli and Mr. Nabli in Hammamet, Tunisia

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