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What is a pedigree?

The pedigree of a dog is the document in which the ancestry of a dog is recorded.
The official pedigree shows the name of the dog and its registration number
with the names and registration numbers of his parents, his grand-parents, his great--grandparents
and so on. Depending on how long the lineage is known,  a pedigree can have no generations or many.
Oftentimes Sloughis imported from countries of origin have no recorded generations in their pedigrees,
which does not mean that they are not pure-bred.
Not every pedigree has complete generations at each level.

When looking at a pedigree the names at the top of each pair are the males (in blue)
the names at the bottom of each pair are the females (in red)

This is the 4 generations Pedigree of El Emin Schuru esch Schams
Coefficient of inbreeding of 4.88 %

     Parents                                    Grandparents                                  Great Grandparents                          Great great Grandparents

El Raizuli Min Darazja Loewwla Bahar Min Darazja Loewwla Latif Schuru esch Schams Arbi van de Kirkelsberg
Afri Schuru esch Schams
Aisha Kamar al Akbar Fursan of Mumtaz-I-Javanadmi
Pwca Mohamed Nagla
Shabba Salit Nuri al Baida Anu Min Darazja Loewwla Chalil Schuru-esch-Schams
Aisha Kamar al Akbar
Sabra el Djerid Sahel
D'Jadine el Djerid
Kasira Schuru esch Schams Urit Min Al Bait Said Midrah Schuru esch Schams Ashkurak Schuru esch Schams
Chauda Schuru esch Schams
El Khala Schuru esch Schams Baihas Schuru-esch-Schams
Afri Schuru esch Schams
Yasrijja Schuru esch Schams Latif Schuru esch Schams Arbi van de Kirkelsberg
Afri Schuru esch Schams
Allasha Habib el Tunis Chalifa SSchuru esch Schams

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